Manufacturer and Installer of HVAC Systems in the Industrial and Marine Environment.

Our facility is located at 4145 N. Flannery Road, Baton Rouge, La. Spiral Metals has evolved from the early 70’s, with new leadership, to become a leading manufacturer of spiral pipe, fittings, and specialty items for the marine and industrial field.

This commitment for quality and service is extended into the future, with our company now offering complete installation of HVAC systems, dust collection systems, roofing, and most sheet metal needs.

We stand ready to assist anyone in any phase of work required including design, manufacture and installation.

Our primary base for business during the previous years has been in the shipyard industry, doing heating, air conditioning and ventilation work.

Spiral Metals plant facilities include approximately 7.5 acres of property with approximately 44,000 square feet of shop area, and 6200 square feet of office area. We are presently employing in our shop, approximately 75 workers.

Spiral Metals’ shop has the capability of complete fabrication of any work consisting of mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel through " thickness.

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